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Local Premier Provider for MPI™ Maximum Premium Indexing

Your Local Premier Provider for MPI™ Maximum Premium Indexing

We teach you about the impact of compound leverage. Schedule your 1 on 1 with our team and learn how to retire early and 4x your retirement income. 

Getting Started with MPI™

It's never too soon or too late to get started. We provide you with all the knowledge and expertise needed to make educated decisions to improve the outcome of your retirement potential.

Life Insurance, Stock Market & Secure Leverage

During your 1 on 1 we'll teach you everything you need to know. We teach you how to leverage the financial system in ways that ultimately protect you and your money.
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Using Life Insurance to Protect Your Money

Protecting your money is the Cornerstone of an MPI™ Secure Compound Interest Account. MPI™ has a contractual guarantee from an A+ Rated Life Insurance Company that you can never earn less than 0% interest per year on your money. 

Ensuring Your Money from Losses

This feature is called the 0% Floor. This guarantee, referred to as the “Security Lever”, freezes your account value in any market turmoil so you never lose principal value due to market risk. Ensuring your money from losses allows for true Compounding to occur. 

The 0% Floor Protects Your Hard Earned Money

The 0% Floor built into a Life Insurance Contract provides the confidence that your hard-earned money is protected from the unexpected.
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MPI™ Secure Compound Interest Account

The MPI™ Secure Compound Interest Account has a “Growth Lever” to achieve Compound Interest in your account at a rate equal to the S&P 500 Index up to the Cap*, which historically has been around 10-15%. MPI uses an insurance-based S&P 500 Index Call Option for its growth strategy. 

MPI™ Focuses on Steady Compounding Growth

This 2 Lever system of Security through insurance and Growth through the Call Option has produced a historical average of around 7%. MPI™ focuses on the slow, steady, and secure method of Compounding which over time, can produce significantly better results than the traditional method of home runs and strikes out of the stock market. 

Growing Your Money Safely

Growing your money is essential to your best future, doing it securely, will compounds your future!
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MPI™ Exclusive Match Program

The MPI™ Exclusive Match Program sets MPI™ apart from all other financial plans with an enhanced “Leverage Lever”; the opportunity to use the Insurance Company’s resources to accelerate your Compound Interest potential. 

Qualifying for the MPI™ Match Line of Credit

After the second year in the MPI™ financial plan, you can qualify for the MPI™ Match Line of Credit. This additional capital, on top of your own contributions, is available to contribute to your MPI™ Secure Compound Interest Account, enhancing your wealth potential. 

Securely Increase Your Returns

Through the MPI™ Match Program, you can securely increase your average returns up to 15% as it matures with time
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